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Local Artist Exhibits in the IRMT

On July 2-8, 2017 the International Roerich Memorial Trust, Naggar, offered its exhibition space to the local, largely self-taught, differently abled artist Manoj Kumar “Sky”. Mr. Kumar, whose art tends towards surrealism, exhibited his multiple oil paintings, ball pen sketches, aluminium sheet paintings with religious themes and driftwood carvings (figures of animals).

It is Mr. Kumar’s third exhibition in the IRMT, and it is clear that despite his ongoing and courageous struggle with his natural limitations (he cannot use his right hand) his art journey successfully continues and he has been perfecting his technique.

Mr. Kumar believes, however, that here is a way out of the present predicament. He expresses it by sometimes adding Roerich’s Banner of Peace to his depictions of man-made crisis – the symbol of universal harmony that alone is potent to assuage the anguish of crying planet.

In his work, Mr. Kumar often depicts local people and dwellings, touches upon such topics as the unity of life, love between human beings and even flowers, draws a touching picture of motherhood, and makes a statement about the common source of religions. But by far the most important of his messages is, arguably, the impending environmental crisis. In many of his pictures one can see the figurative depiction of mountains lamenting the continuing deforestation, ever increasing pollution and other signs of environmental degradation. His landscapes appear alive, what with the human and divine faces incorporated into them. By blending traditional Hindu gods into his landscapes Mr. Kumar tries to show that nature is in essence divine and by harming it we offend God.