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Souvenir Shop

Souvenir_shop1.jpg?1450528316The IRMT souvenir shop located before the entrance to the IRMT museum complex between the Modern Art Exhibition Hall and the Seminar Hall offers the following items:


1. Prints of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerichs’ paintings from the collection of the IRMT, including the incomparable views of the Himalayas and such best sellers as Gaddi Girl and Portrait of Devika Rani. 


2. Posters of Kangra miniature paintings.


3. Cards with the views of the Roerich House, Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerichs’ paintings from the IRMT collection and stone images on the museum territory. 


4. Books from the Agni Yoga/Living Ethics series including Call, Illumination, New Era Community, Infinity and Hierarchy.


Shop4.jpg?14513984665. Books by Nicholas Roerich (collections of essays, diary notes and poems, for instance The Heart of Asia, Kuluta, Shambhala, Realm of Light etc.)


6. Books by Helena Roerich: On Eastern Crossroads and Foundations of Buddhism.


7. Books by George and Svetoslav Roerich.


8. Reprint of all issues of the Journal of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute.


9. Books on the life and work of the Roerich family including Nicholas Roerich. A Master of the Mountains by B. Conlan and a photo album Devika Rani: Queen of the Silver Screen.


10. Books on the history and culture of the Chamba and Kullu valleys, and catalogues of the Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba.


11. Souvenirs: key chains and mugs with Roerichs’ paintings and the IRMT emblem. 


12. DVDs with Nicholas Roerich’s paintings and film clips featuring Devika Rani. 


Most of the above editions are in English, but there are also few books in Hindi.


The printed editions and souvenirs available for sale in the IRMT shop are mostly IRMT publications that were made possible due to the generous support of the Government of Himachal Pradesh and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India.


We shall be glad to see you in the IRMT shop. Remember that every purchase you make supports the IRMT and its programmes.