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  • ⁠Sadhna Sangar and “WE” - a group of Indian Contemporary Women Artists,  Chandigarh Painting exhibition. At Modern Art Exhibition Hall, IRMT.
  • Masters Day. Celebrations in the IRMT dedicated to the Great Spiritual Masters of Mankind
  • Programme:

11:00 am   

Planting of flowers on the Samadhi of Nicholas Roerich

12:00 pm   

Inauguration of the painting exhibition “Awakening of Spirit” by Mrs. Halyna Chaudhary (Ukraine)

12:30 pm   

Screening of the documentary The Call of Cosmic Evolution on the life and work of the Roerichs by Mrs. Lyudmila Shaposhnikova (Russia)



  • ⁠The Film Festival dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of Devika Rani, the Star of Indian Cinema, the Spouse of Dr. Svetoslav Roerich.


  • ⁠Roerich Pact Day. 83rd Anniversary of signing of the first International Treaty for the protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historic monuments.


  • ⁠The Roerichs' Himalayan Estate - Karma - Bhumi of the Great Russian Family. Indo-Russian Festival dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Roerichs' settling in Kullu.


  • ⁠The 116th Anniversary of George Roerich, the elder son of Nicholas and Helena Roerich, the renowned orientalist, buddhologist, linguist, archeologist and explorer of Central Asia.


  • 111-th Birth Anniversary of Devika Rani - the cinema star of yesteryear, and the beloved wife of Dr. Svetoslav Roerich.


In the Festive Programme:  Screening of Bombay Talkies films starring Devika Rani


Venue: Conference Hall, International Roerich Memorial Trust 



  • ⁠"⁠Mystic Mountains" Photo Paintings by Heidi Sabra. All are Welcome!
6, 7, 9, 21.10.2018


  • ⁠Festival “The Roerichs’ Himalayan Estate – Karma-Bhumi of the Great Russian Family” Dedicated to the 144th Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich, 114th Anniversary of Svetoslav Roerich; 90th Anniversary of the Roerichs’ settling in the Kullu Valley in the Himalayan Roerich Estate.


  • ⁠⁠140-th Birth Anniversary of Helena Roerich – the spouse of Nicholas Roerich, the unique thinker and philosopher, writer and scholar.


"Her life was burning like a live torch being an example of a wonderful world existence, the awareness of which will lead the mankind to new achievements, new discoveries."

Svetoslav Roerich

5, 9, 23-24.10.2019


October India-Russia Festival

145th Birth Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich

115th Birth Anniversary of Svetoslav Roerich


Programme: click the preview

27, 30.04 - 01.05.2019


  • India-Russia Festival dedicated to the 140th Birth Anniversary of Helena Roerich.


Venue: ⁠Himalayan Roerich Estate, International Roerich Memorial Trust, Naggar, Kullu, HP



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  • August 16, 2019 - 117th Anniversary of George Roerich – the Renowned Orientalist, Linguist, Archeologist and Explorer of Central Asia.


  • August 18, 2019 - Academic International Seminar “George Roerich’s Scientific Researches in Himalayas and Tibet”.


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(due to technical reasons the date of the Celebrations

has been changed from August 17 to August 18)