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  • The 138th Birth Anniversary of Helena Roerich - the great daughter of Russia and India, the unique thinker and philosopher, writer and scholar.

  • The programme will start at 12 pm in the Conference Hall, IRMT.
  • Celebrations of the International Women's Day:

         - Art Exhibition by Smt. Akanksha Arora (Bombay);

         - Series of Lectures on the Status of Women;

         - Cultural Programme by Ladies.


  • The programme will start at 11.30 am at the Roerich Estate, IRMT.
  • "India - Russia - the Roerichs". Festival dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Russian-Indian diplomatic relations and the 25th anniversary of the International Roerich Memorial Trust.
  • International Roerich Memorial Trust Marks 25 years
  • The 115th anniversary of George Roerich, the elder son of Nicholas and Helena Roerich, the renowned orientalist, buddhologist, linguist, archeologist and explorer of Central Asia, in the International Roerich Memorial Trust.



  • ⁠The Roerichs' Himalayan Estate - Karma - Bhumi of the Great Russian Family. Indo-Russian Festival dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Roerichs' settling in Kullu.
7-9 and 22.10.2017
  • The Festival "India-Russia- the Roerichs" in the IRMT is continuing.

  • Masters Day. Celebrations in the IRMT dedicated to the Great Spiritual Masters of Mankind
  • Programme:

11:00 am   

Planting of flowers on the Samadhi of Nicholas Roerich

12:00 pm   

Inauguration of the painting exhibition “Awakening of Spirit” by Mrs. Halyna Chaudhary (Ukraine)

12:30 pm   

Screening of the documentary The Call of Cosmic Evolution on the life and work of the Roerichs by Mrs. Lyudmila Shaposhnikova (Russia)



  • ⁠The Film Festival dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of Devika Rani, the Star of Indian Cinema, the Spouse of Dr. Svetoslav Roerich.


  • ⁠Roerich Pact Day. 83rd Anniversary of signing of the first International Treaty for the protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historic monuments.