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70th Death Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich

70 years ago passed away Nicholas Roerich (27.09/09.10.1874–13.12.1947), the great toiler and creator whose life resembled an amazing legend. His multifaceted genius is comparable in its scale to that of the titans of the Renaissance. Having started his art journey in Russia and having crossed Europe and America, he brought it to completion in Asia.

“…The multifaceted personality of Nicholas Roerich calls for a thorough study. Many years will pass before we are able to make a comprehensive evaluation of Nicholas Roerich’s contribution to the treasury of world culture and his profound foresight,” used to say Svetoslav Roerich. “…He was a true patriot and had a fervent love for his Motherland.  But he also belonged to the whole world. Entire world was the arena of his activity. All mankind were his brothers. Every country held a special interest and particular meaning for him. For him every philosophy, every teaching of life was only a way of perfectionment, and life itself was the great gates into the Future.”