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New semester opening in the Academy of Arts for children named after Helena Roerich in the IRMT

According to the tradition, the festive day began with shanti-puja, which was performed by the respected pujari (priest) from the Krishna temple, Naggar. Symbolic offerings and prayers addressed to the Deities are undertaken with the goal to harmonize space and establish positive energies for the whole coming year. Students of the Academy sang a sincere song - a pray to the patroness of the Arts goddess Saraswati, the Academy has her small sculptural image.

In the Academy of Arts for children named after Helena Roerich in the IRMT a new semester is opened solemnly. The winter holidays are over, and Academy has opened again its hospitable doors to continue the classes for the children of the Kullu Valley.

The Indian curator of the IRMT, Ramesh Chander, and the Russian curator of the IRMT, Larisa Surgina, who works in the IRMT on behalf of the International Centre of the Roerichs (Moscow), welcomed children and their parents, the teachers of the Academy and the guests of the IRMT, and wished everyone a successful start of the classes.

The Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for Children offers classes in painting and dance, vocal and music to young residents of the Kullu Valley. Since the Academy is the part of the International Roerich Memorial Trust and located on its territory not far from the House-Museum of the Roerich family, students of the Academy take an active part in the cultural life of the Trust.

They perform at traditional Russian-Indian festivals dedicated to the Roerichs, participate international children’s painting competitions, such as “Color and Sound of the Roerich’s Realm”, “Banner of Peace in Space” “Russia - India: From Heart to Heart”; demonstrate their success at festivals dedicated to memorable and significant dates. The Trust personnel make excursions for the Academy students at the Roerichs estate, as well as video presentations and lectures on the culture of India and Russia. Russian guests familiarize the students of the Academy with Russian folk games and fun, teach them how to make Russian traditional charms and invite them to have tea with candies and donuts. Children participate in the opening of exhibitions of famous artists from India, Russia and other countries, and artists organize various master classes for young residents of the Kullu Valley.

The Academy is justifiably proud of its talented young teachers, whose work is filled with sincere love for children and art. At the ceremony of the opening of a new semester, each of the teachers spoke to children and parents, introducing them to the program and lesson plans.

Festive surprise for the audience was a musical performance by guests from Ukraine. The musician Tamara Pasechnik performed several classical compositions  on the violin, then she together with her son, choreographer Dmitry Pasechnik, who performed their part on the guitar, played a perky Ukrainian dance performance. The teachers of the Academy performed Indian melodies and songs; it was such a friendly musical introduction which marked the beginning of a new year at the Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for children.

“Through Art you have Light” - this utterance of Helena Roerich is the motto of the Academy. Our main common goal is not only to teach children the basics of painting, dance, music, but also to expand their consciousness, introduce them to culture, cultivate in them love for creativity and a desire for Beauty.