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The exhibition of the artists' group Artslap in the International Roerich Memorial Trust

The exhibition of young Indian artists from the Artslap creative group opened on April 2, 2019 in the Exhibition Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust. ⁠The exhibition presents works created in different styles using various technical and artistic mode of expression: realistic landscapes and symbolic paintings made in acrylic paints and oil on canvas, watercolors, miniatures in the Pahari style, works using appliqué elements, sculptures made of wood and stone, art photos.

The Artslap group units emerging artists from Shimla, Delhi and other cities and states of India who have rallied around the initiative graduates and students of the Department of Visual Arts, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. They have common view to art as a necessary and very important part of human life. Art is intended to stir the buried feelings and emotions of the spectators and at the same time appeal to their mind and consciousness, taking up a variety of important issues of the spiritual and social life of a person and society. To convey ideas and notions that excite modern young artists in their works, they use a variety of possibilities, experimenting with materials and colors, styles and techniques, relying, on the one hand, on ancient cultural traditions, on the other - looking for new ways of art and self-expression.

Addressing to young artists, Nicholas Roerich, based on his artist’s experience, advised: “Do not torment yourself with methods, if only you want to work at all. Work every day, necessarily every day something must be done. Fortunately, the work of the artist is so diverse, and in any mood you can do something useful. One day will be successful for creativity. The other is for technical implementations. The third is for the sketch. Fourth - to collect material. You never know what is needed for creativity. The main thing is that the spring does not dry out ... "

Indian art, nature, architecture and its spiritual traditions are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for young artists. And, regardless of whether realistic landscapes, or mythological plots, or symbolic images are depicted in the pictures, they are all united by the main idea - the desire to comprehend multidimensional reality and reflect it in the images of Beauty.