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Rajasthan Colours in the Roerichs’ Himalayan Estate

From 21 to 26 May 2019 the guests of the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT) had the opportunity to get acquainted with the paintings of well-known Indian artist Renu Kashyap.

The artist lives in Delhi, but Rajasthan is her birthplace. Its bright and rich colours are reflected in her paintings. The plots of the pictures presented at the exhibition “Traits of Rural Life” are various: there are the divine loving couple Krishna and Radha, the wise cheerful Ganesh, colorful images of women surrounded by birds, flowers and various symbols, everyday scenes, and portraits of lovers, conveying different moods of love. Following the traditions of folk art, Rajasthan miniature painting and modern Indian art, the artist develops her original style, creating picturesque expressive images in her paintings.

Renu Kashyap is a self-taught artist, the main art teacher for her is her husband, a famous art painter Ghan Shyam Kashyap.

Their eldest daughter continues their creative relay, using natural materials in her work, she makes small paintings on small rounded and flat stones.