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Painting Show by women artists – members of “We” Art Group 

The regular visitors of the International Roerichs Memorial Trust are very familiar with the creative works of the group “We”. This Art group is based in Chandigarh and unites more than 70 women artists all over India supporting their opportunity for the artistic self-expression and promoting women’s creativity. On June 8, 2019 group exhibition of the three members of “We” Art Group, opened in the Roerichs’ estate.

Ms. Kiran Sharma, Rtd. HOD, PG Department of Fine Arts, Kurukshetra Art College, Haryana, presented a few landscapes depicting the innermost nooks of her native Himachal Pradesh saturated with majesty and tranquillity, and a few philosophical paintings as well dedicated to the surrounding beauty, natural and man-made.

The paintings by Dr. Meena Baya, associate professor, Drawing and Painting department, Meera College, Udaipur attract the visitors by their originality, uniting the traditions of tribal art, modern abstract style and naive art. All these reflect the sincere and spontaneous nature of the artist, taking us back to the childish ingenuous perception of the world.

The artworks by the artist Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, associate professor & HOD Fine Arts College, Ambala dedicated to the relations of the beloveds radiate the energy of love and joy. They reflect deep thought, sincere and fair feelings as if penetrated with melodiousness, tenderness and harmony.