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New Works of Chaman Sharma Displayed in Roerich Estate

On May 19, 2018, the exhibition of paintings by Dr. Chaman Sharma, Asstt. Professor in Painting, Government College, Solan, Himachal Pradesh opened in the Conference Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT), Naggar. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by the Russian Curator of the IRMT Mrs. Larisa Surgina.

Seeing Dr. Sharma’s most recent works, one could clearly feel that apart from discovering new sites (several of his depictions of Roerich House in Naggar were displayed in the exhibition), he continues to explore unusual media (the evidence of which were his several mountain landscapes in oil on oilpaper), adopt new methods (like the use of colour in symbolic way) and, in general, tries to hew his own path in the world of art.

It is not the first time Dr. Sharma exhibits his works in the IRMT, and each time he brings something new, which fact shows his continuous development as an artist. And this time was no exception. Watercolourist by calling and training, he did bring his by now well-known views of Shimla with its numerous historical buildings, and the Himachali countryside including his own village which continues to draw his keen artistic attention. Along with them, he displayed a completely new series of acrylic works on social-philosophical topics including the plight of women, the fragility of human relationships, the immeasurable sacrifice made by mothers for their children, the necessity to discover the love for humanity and live by its lofty code, and equality of men irrespective of caste and creed. There were also several canvases with popular Buddhist themes and motifs. The strongest statement of the series was, arguably, the urgent need to recognize the right of woman to dignity and give her the deserved place in society.