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Meditation paintings by Nilesh Dada Nikam at the Roerichs’ Estate

International Roerich Memorial Trust organized an exhibition of paintings by Nilesh Dada Nikam. It took place from 14th to 19th of May 2019. Mr. Nikam is an eminent artist from Bombay, the holder of Art teacher diploma from J.J.School of art Mumbai. The artist has showcased his works in group as well as at solo exhibitions in various art galleries and art centers of India and abroad.

The theme of the painting exhibition, held at the IRMT, was Meditation. About 25 paintings were displayed at the exhibition. At first glance, the depicted  images  seem static, but watching them more attentively, the viewer plunges into another world, filled with colours, signs and symbols, whose apparent simplicity hides deep meanings. These are pictures that are written for meditation, for concentration, for searching your inner “I”.

The artist's wife fully supports his creative ideas, and she is also keen on painting. Her paintings, created in the style of traditional art of the Varli tribe living in the surroundings of Mumbai, are also presented at the exhibition. They look like prehistoric cave paintings in which life and religious rites of the tribe are described with the help of triangles, circles and lines. A deep philosophy of the relationship between man and nature and the infinity of life hide behind the seeming simplicity.