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“Inspiration” by the artists from Maharashtra in the Himalayan Roerichs’ Estate

On May 28, 2019 the exhibition “Inspiration” by Nagesh Hankare and Raman Lohar, the two professional artists from Maharashtra, opened in the International Roerich Memorial Trust. That is their second exhibition in the Roerichs’ Estate, the first one happened in 2015. The ceremony of the opening was held by the Russian Curator of the IRMT Mrs Larisa V. Surgina, doing her work here as directed by the International Centre of the Roerichs, Moscow and the artist from Delhi Ghan Shyam Kashyap.

Secondly, these are “creative” landscapes, as the artist himself calls his works created in another style. They were inspired mainly by the mountain scenery. The depiction of the mountains and water, made in the expressive shades of one or two colours, the sharpened contours of trees, blurry outlines of the mist make us pay attention to the essence of the depicted and conveys deep philosophic meaning. Now Nagesh Shankare is making urban landscapes in the same style as well. 

At the exhibition you can also see the artworks, created in the abstract art style, the artist turns to which in the search of new ways in his creativity, trying to express the spiritual nature of the things as well as his feelings and emotions with the help of contour, colour and shape.

The creative work of Nagesh Hankare keeps developing in three main directions, and each of them are presented at the show. First of all, realistic landscapes, reproducing the atmosphere of the nature nooks, that charmed the artist, such as snow-covered mountain village, the ancient temple on the bank of the curved river, the road, winding through the rocks.

A few paintings by Raman Lohar presented at the exposition are the portraits, in each of those the artist strives to express the inner world of his characters; and there are also the images of Buddha, Shiva and Krishna, in whose depiction the artist contributes his own understanding and modern perception.