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Indian Antiquity Brought to Life

On June 25, 2017 a solo exhibition of paintings by the Shimla-educated, Delhi-based Himachali freelance artist Ghan Shyam Kashyap was inaugurated in the IRMT. The Chief Guest of the function was Sh. Somesh Goyal, Director General of Police, Himachal Pradesh.

Mr. Kashyap displayed a number of his acrylic works mostly depicting monuments and historic places in various parts of India. These included the views of Amer Fort in Jaipur and other sites in Rajasthan with its easily recognizable turrets and fortifications enhanced and slightly altered by the artist’s imagination; the views of Benares with its ghats punctuated with spires and colorful flags of numerous temples, and sadhus steeped in contemplation under the parasols; the narrow lanes of Kolkata, and the medieval buildings of Delhi and its environs.

The exhibition titled “A Glimpse of India” and offering a look at India’s past and present fused together in a truly fascinating way, will remain on view till 1st July, 2017.

Fascinated with antiquity and the profound skill of old craftsmanship, Mr. Kashyap is particularly drawn to old buildings striving not only to capture their fast disappearing beauty in a series of nostalgic pictures but also to inspire his audience to preserve them. The most touching painting in this category is perhaps his representation of an old wooden entrance door of a Rajasthani haweli with its antique knobs and knockers, cracks and fading designs on the wall and a glimpse of inner courtyard: enduring the touch of time and yet elegant. “Each old building is a monument in its own kind, and it pains me to see their destruction and botched restoration, including in Himachal,” says the artist unknowingly echoing the idea underlying the Roerich Pact.