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Himachal Landscapes by the Artist Anuradha Thalval

The regular visitors of the International Roerichs Memorial Trust are very familiar with the creative works of the young artist Anuradha Thalval, whose exhibition opened on June 3, 2019 in the Exhibition Hall of the IRMT.

The talent of the young artist and the future prospects were evaluated by the art professor Sadna Sangar, the Principal of Government College in Derabassi, Punjab, and also by the artists of the “AKKAR” Art Group from Rajasthan.

Anuradha was learning the painting skills on her own, following her childhood dream to become an artist. Her favourite themes in art are Himachal Pradesh landscapes, and first of all these are her natives places, Kangra Valley and Manali outskirts, as well as groves and waterfalls, flowers and horses. Her artworks are characterised by frankness and freshness of perception, they are filled with air and love to the objects she depicts on canvas or paper.