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“Feeling of the Nature” by Ashwani Verma in International Roerich Memorial Trust

The paintings by the artist Ashwani Kumar Verma from Hoshiarpur (Punjab) dedicated to the search of harmony in nature were displayed at the exhibition held in the Roerichs’ estate in Naggar from 21 to 25 May, 2019. The ceremony of the opening was held by the Russian Curator of the IRMT Mrs Larisa Surgina, doing her work here as directed by the International Centre of the Roerichs, Moscow, and a famous artist Mrs Renu Kashyap from Rajasthan.

There were fifty-two works presented in the exhibition, the most part of which were made in the water-colour technique so loved by the artist. They are rather intensive and versatile in colour: from tranquil winter landscapes in blue and purple hues to deep yellow shades by which the rays of the setting sun tint the walls of the houses or a boat or a bunch of trees on a mountain slope. They are all penetrated by the feeling of unity with the wild-life and the sensation of close interrelation between the man and nature. It is not accidentally that the artist named the exhibition “Feeling of the Nature”. His paintings never fail to win the visitors with the feeling of harmony, peace and tranquility.

Mr Ashwani Verma is a national art awardee who organized more than twenty solo exhibitions and more than thirty-five group shows. The artist sincerely feels proud that it is not his first time he displays his works in the Himalayan Roerichs’ estate, the karma place of the great Russian artist Nicholas Roerich.