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Exhibition by Chandigarh Artists

On June 22-25, 2018, the International Roerich Memorial Trist (IRMT), Naggar, hosted a two-man exhibition of oil paintings by Mr. and Mrs. Luthra from Chandigarh. The exhibition, largely dedicated to the Himalayan themes, was inaugurated by Mr. Ramesh Chander, Indian Curator, IRMT, and Mrs. Larisa Surgina, Russian Curator, IRMT. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. H.R. Rawat, Assistant Controller to Deputy Commissioner, Kullu.

A freelance artist, Mrs. Simrit Luthra exhibited part of her Flower Series including several pieces depicting the national flower of India, lotus. Recently, the series has been successfully exhibited in the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.   She also displayed her Ladakh Series based on her personal experiences of the region famous for its characteristic stupas and desert landscapes, and a number of sketches of ancient Indian sculptures she studied in the cave temples of Maharashtra.

The exhibition also showed several landscapes by Mr. Jasbir Singh Luthra, Ex-Commissioner (Central Excise), Government of India, including a couple of lovely views of the Beas, a mysterious Himachali forest landscape, and a view of the part of Maharashtra coastline (Tapoly). “In my works, I try to depict not the ferocity of nature, but its beauty and tranquility,” says the artist, and the success of his attempt cannot be disputed. Having captured the tranquility of nature in his landscapes, which are usually so full of light and show vast expanses, Mr. Luthra succeeds in creating a sense of quietude and peace of mind in his audience.