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Buddha Images Showcased in Roerich Estate

On September 25 - October 2, 2017 the International Roerich Memorial Trust hosted the exhibition of oil paintings by the Delhi-based artist Prince Chand.

The exhibition consisted of 32 canvases mostly depicting Buddha heads. The artist has been exploring the Buddha image for more than ten years now and the resulting series of paintings runs into some 1,000 works.

Saturated with the profound feeling of serenity and contentment, the images conjured up by Prince Chand astound one with profundity of meditative absorption and become the inspiring reflections of the pure state of mind – the eternal aspiration of the Indian spiritual tradition and, indeed, entire Indian culture.

The series is clearly influenced by the age-old tradition of Indian classical sculpture, which the artist thoroughly absorbed and reinterpreted in the idiom of contemporary art using clear and bright colours, innovative techniques (razor brush technique, water-in-colour technique), and making ample use of traditional motifs and certain elements of abstraction.

The exhibition only gains in importance in the light of the long-standing artistic and philosophical interest of all members of the Roerich family in the Buddha and his teaching.