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Artists’ Camp in the Himalayan Roerich Estate

The artists worked at the Theatrical Stage making good use of the ample space and sunlight there. By the end of the workshop, each of them produced a small size work capturing their impressions of the Kullu valley and the Himalayan estate of the Roerich family.

On May 25-29, 2017, for the first time in this season, the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT), Naggar, opened its doors to a group of artists to conduct a painting and sculpture workshop in its premises.

The programme was organized and curated by Mr. Anurag Jadia, the artist from Gwalior, and united three artists besides the organizer (the senior artist from Jalandhar Dr. Sushma Pamneja, Mrs. Trapti Gupta (Gwalior) and Ms. Pratima Gauri (Jalandhar)) and two sculptors (Mr. H.L. Shakyawar and Mr. Gourav Kulshreshtha, both from Gwalior).

The workshop was jointly inaugurated by the Indian Curator Mr. Ramesh Chander and the Russian Curator Mrs. Larisa Surgina. Dr. Amit Guleria, Assistant Commissioner, Kullu District, was invited as the Chief Guest. At the inauguration ceremony the participating artists were presented with the traditional gifts of the Kullu Valley.

Meanwhile, the sculptors who worked in wood that was specially brought from Gwalior created a lovely statue of seated Ganesha striking a rather unusual posture, a figure of angel spreading his wings, and a portrait of Nicholas Roerich. The latter they solemnly presented to the IRMT as their homage to the great artist who lived and worked in Naggar for twenty years.

Stylized Buddha images figured in many of the paintings created during the workshop. In some works one could recognize the impressions of the ancient stone monuments commemorating the Kullu rajahs and their queens who lived, ruled and died in Naggar in 12-17th centuries. Nowadays, these stones are the IRMT property and are permanently displayed outside nearby Theatrical Stage where the artists worked. Clearly attracted by their antique beauty, the artists blended them with the picturesque landscape of the Kullu hills decked in brightly coloured robes of the summer season.