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Art Workshop Results on Display

On June 11-17, 2017, the results of the art workshop recently organized in the IRMT by the Shimla-based society ‘Mahsu Art’ and curated by Dr. Bhader Singh, Asst. Professor in Painting, Rajakiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya (RKMV), Shimla, were put on display in the Conference Hall of the IRMT, Naggar. The exhibition was inaugurated by the eminent artist Prof. Sadhna Sangar (Chandigarh).

The 19 participants of the workshop (mostly students and graduates of fine arts) exhibited the fruits of their five-day-long effort to depict the nature and culture of Himachal.

It was heartening to see that the Roerich Estate was once again becoming the karma-bhoomi of artists – the place of their inspiration and self-expression.

The displayed works, diverse as they were in terms of genre, style and medium, were clearly united by their young creators’ keen perception and confident expression of beauty. The serene mountain landscapes, the explosive blooming of flowers, the tension-free faces of highlanders, the original abstract impressions of Manali and Naggar – all of them offered a rather fresh look at what many would deem familiar. Tapping into the rich cultural tradition of Himachal, some of the artists created powerful images of the Buddha and wandering ascetics, and figurative renderings of local religious life.