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International Art Exhibition and Workshop in Loving Memory of A.C.Sagar

From 8 to 12 June, 2019, the visitors of the International Roerichs Memorial Trust had a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the creative works of 49 contemporary artists from the nine states of India, as well as from Nepal and Bangladesh. Such a large-scale project in the Roerich’s Estate was carried out due to the support of such famous establishments as AARZ Gallery, ART de PHOTO and Devki Foundation.

The exhibition and art workshop were dedicated to the loving memory of A.C. Sagar, an outstanding sculptor and an artist from Patiala, whose art works are placed in the national and private collections of India and other countries.

The major part of the display was made up of a new series, created through a technique developed by the artist lately. He applies some paint on the paper and spreads it with the aid of an ordinary knife, masterly creating the images of people, birds and animals in their everyday life. Depicting common momentary episodes, the artist lets us see them from the unusual perspective and perceive as precious moments of our existence.

He was a wonderful Teacher and will remain in the memories of his students forever. It is said in the tributes of the exhibition catalogue, “He initiated thousands of young children into the field of art and nurtured many of them to be artists of some repute. We as his students admired him and aspired to be like him. We learned some of life’s most important lessons through him, through his commitment to excellence, through his hard work and dedication and through his ability to make us realize our own personal growth.”