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Anuradha Thalwal Exhibits Her New Creations

May 19, 2018 saw inauguration of the exhibition by the amateur woman artist from Kangra Mrs. Anuradha Thalwal. Dr. Chaman Sharma whose show of mainly watercolour works opened on the same day in the hall nearby, and the Russian Curator of the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT), Naggar Mrs. Larisa Surgina were invited to cut the ribbon.

Addressing the guests of the opening ceremony who included the self-taught artist’s immediate family, Mrs. Surgina noted the undeniable progress made by Mrs. Thalwal in the past several years. She described Mrs. Thalwal’s works as overflowing with light and happiness, and mentioned that they possessed a rare but important quality: the ability to convey the mood of their creator. This ability to make others feel what one feels, asserted Mrs. Surgina, is certainly not less important than the art technique itself.

Mrs. Thalwal who has been interested in art since her earliest years spent in the countryside of the Kangra District, did not have the advantage of receiving professional training but never gave up on her dream and finally decided to take up painting entirely on her own, and her effort appears to bear the desired fruit. 

And with every new exhibition one can see that Mrs. Thalwal succeeds in sharing more and more of her soul’s stirrings which are keenly felt the moment one sees her recent forest landscapes where she explores the refraction of light falling through the foliage, the queer effect of rising sun on the morning mists, the ever-changing gamut of colours of the snow-capped mountain tops, and the milky moonlight reflected in swift mountain streams.

The exhibition of Anuradha Thalwal is an example of the long-standing policy of the International Roerich Memorial Trust to give platform to not only established artists but also to beginners, particularly local.